Humans of ABA: Shadman Rahman

To kick off a wave of HABA installments for Spring semester, meet Shadman Rahman, ABA’s Spring 2017 President. Hailing from Camarillo, CA, he’s become the backbone of the organization, but you’ll find there’s more to him than a suit and tie. “I think everyone has this epiphany in life when you realize what really makes […]

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Humans of ABA: Jade Wong

Meet Jade Wong, Fall 2016 Social Committee Member. Jade is a freshman from Rowland Heights, CA intending to major in Economics. “I guess I was really homesick in the beginning, coming up from SoCal and it was just me and my mom for a long time, so I was really worried about her and if she’d be […]

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Humans of ABA: Annie Chen

Meet Annie Chen, Fall 2016 Social Committee Member. Annie is a freshman from San Marino, CA intending to major in business administration. “In my junior year, I choreographed a dance for 25 little elementary schoolers. We’re talking ages five to eight years old. So their attention spans are like 30 seconds long. And as soon […]

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Humans of ABA: Aaron Tsai

Meet Aaron Tsai, Fall 2016 Marketing Committee Member. Aaron is a freshman from San Diego, CA studying computer science. “I guess my story starts in middle school. Growing up in an Asian household, my parents pushed me towards Chinese school or math. I really hated Chinese school, so I ended up choosing math. It turned […]

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Humans of ABA: Viola Yuan

Our next feature is Viola Yuan, Fall 2016 Media Technology Chair. Viola is a sophomore from Beijing, China intending to double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics. “When I was a child, whenever people asked me, “What is your biggest dream Viola?”, I always answered without hesitation, “I want to go to the top 2 universities […]

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Humans of ABA: Jason Wang

We’re excited to pilot a new series called “Humans of ABA” (HABA)! We will be featuring committee members, chairs, and officers to expose the different perspectives and backgrounds within our organization. Our first feature of the new semester is Jason Wang, Fall 2016 President. Jason is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia studying Business Administration. “I’ve never […]

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